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It is indeed disheartening to receive a visa refusal or visa cancellation in either case of study or migration to Australia.There can be a solution in most of the cases.

Australian visa refusal reasons

While following may not be the exhaustive list for Visa Refusal, here are some of them depending on your case:

  • Application for a wrong type of visa
  • Failure in proving the financial capacity
  • Submission of incomplete or false information
  • Sponsor of the applicant failed to meet the requirements
  • Unawareness of the course applied for
  • No relevancy of the applied course with the current qualifications or experience.
  • Failure in providing concrete future plans
  • Miscalculation in Points
  • Bogus Documents

Who is AAT?

From 1st of July 2015, the working of Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) were incorporated into Migration Division of Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) that reviews the decisions made by the Federal Government.
Administrative Appeal Tribunal is the only body that has authority to review the merits of a visa application.

What does AAT do?

The AAT reconsiders your case file entirely reviewing the facts provided, laws relating to the decision and arrive at a new decision. AAT examines your application afresh reviewing the documents, evidences, forms and all the information you have provided to the department.

What can be the outcomes?

These are the possible outcomes

Affirm: Means AAT agrees with the department’s decision to refuse or cancel your visa. The decision made by the department is not changed. Hence, the refusal stands.

Vary: Means AAT disagrees with the decision of the department to refuse or cancel your visa and resends your application with new instructions and recommendation. Your application will be then forwarded to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further assessment.

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