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Tourist Visa (subclass 600) – There are several reasons why people love to visit Australia. Some want to travel and explore the places while others come for a business-related purpose. Also, if you want to meet your family living in Australia, you must have a visa that allows you to visit Australia.

For such temporary stay, you can apply for the visitor visa under the subclass 600. However, it would be a better idea to understand the requirements as well as the procedure.

The streams or the subclass of the Visitor Visa for Australia

The streams or the classes of the visa allow the foreigners to visit for their purpose. Here are all four streams that come under the Visitor visa for Australia:

1. Tourist stream

The people who want to visit Australia for tourism purpose or meet their family and friends can apply through this stream. The visa allows the person to indulge in the recreational activities for the provided period of time and spend holidays.

2. Business Visitor Stream

This one is for the business purpose. The people who want to come to Australia in order to participate in a business conference, make business deals or any other business activity can apply.

3. Sponsored Family Stream

This visa stream is for the situation when a relative is there to sponsor your visit when you want to meet your family.

4. Approved Destination Status Stream

This stream is especially for the people who belong to the People’s Republic of China. When these people want to travel Australia in a group, the Approved destination status stream becomes applicable to them.

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